"A Balance Between Comfort and Convenience"

solo exhibition with new ceramic and textile artworks

Opening: Friday, March 25th, 2022;

7 - 10pm/ 19 - 22hr

and March 26th and 27th, 2022

(Saturday and Sunday);

11am - 6pm/ 11 - 18hr

"MAART Kunstroute"/ "MARCH Art Route"

via Bruthausgallery and Claessens Artists' Canvas, Waregem (BE)

(more information below):

Exhibition Information

Exhibition Opening:

"MAART Kunstroute"/ "MARCH Art Route"

25 March 2022 (Friday)

7 - 10pm/ 19 - 22hr;


26 and 27 March 2022 (Saturday and Sunday)

11am - 6pm/ 11 - 18hr

Exhibition Dates:

25 March - 17 April, 2022

Saturdays and Sundays;

2 - 6pm/ 14 - 18hr

... Or by appointment 7 days a week


Claessens Artists' Canvas via Bruthausgallery

Molenstraat 84

8790 Waregem


T: +32 (0) 473 34 58 97


"Potluck," Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium [04 December 2021 - 08 January 2022]


2012 - 2013

18.2 L x 10.5 H x 33.4 W cm

photo credit: Silvia Cappellari and Seppe Elewaut.

On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, the Flemish Parliament this year invited six contemporary artists to create a work of art with the theme: the democratic system in the broadest sense of the word. This produced surprising results in textiles, sculpture, photo collage and video, in which modern citizenship, the globalized world, the conceptualization of paradise and even heraldry are linked to the basic concept.

The six artists are Marie Cloquet, Caroline Coolen, Tramaine de Senna, Klaas Rommelaere, Yonas Seyoum and Kato Six.

The Flemish Parliament regularly buys on the advice of the Art Committee, works of art by emerging artists who are professionally active in Flanders. In this way, the Flemish Parliament keeps its finger on the pulse of the dynamic art scene, supports artists and gathers the reference artists of tomorrow. The art collection of the parliament is very special. On the one hand because of the multitude of important artists, on the other hand because of the unique location in the parliament building.

A one-day expo of the first collection of artist jewelry "Love and Lacquer" by Tramaine de Senna x Silver Linings along with the "Spoons" and book project by Louisa Maria Ponseele and Tim Onderbeke.

Exhibition Date:

Saturday, August 28th, from 12:00pm - midnight


De Hermelijn, Wannegemdorp 7, 9772 Kruisem, Belgium

RSVP: femke@silverlinings.be


On Thursday August 19th, 2021, my "Figure of Color" for the "Publiek Figuur" series,

a project from the Middelheimmuseum's "Kunst in de Stad,"

was permanently installed Antwerp's city center park, Munthof.

Read more below.

A few meters from the Mercator-Orteliushuis (of Abraham Ortelius, 1527 - 1598, creator of the first modern atlas), within the Munthof park, now stands my "Figure of Color" - a bronze statue commissioned by the Middelheimmuseum. The metallic salmon and purple pigmented wax will fade in time, replaced by the natural blue/green patina of bronze.

This figure is the first in the "Publiek Figuur" series "in which a contemporary artist is invited to create a new work for an empty classical pedestal in Antwerp's Stadspark"^1. The empty pedestal in Stadspark originally hosted the terra cotta bust of poet Frans de Cort (1834 - 1895) by sculptor Frans Joris (1851 - 1914), which had fallen into disrepair in the 1960s. Currently, the pedestal hosts the second in the "Publiek Figuur" series entitled "Figure of Absence" by artist Goshka Macuga.

As "Figure of Color" ended its year-long showing in Stadspark, it was decided to relocate it permanently to the Munthof park - "one of the last vacant open spaces in the historic city center."^2 At the end of the 15th century, Munthof housed a mint which fabricated bronze coins used as currency, and was owned by the Dutch Republic.

Many thanks to the residents of the Munthof neighborhood; Samuel Saelemakers, curator of the Antwerp public art collection; and to the Kunst in de Stad collection for acquiring this work.


1. https://pers.middelheimmuseum.be/tramaine-de-senna-figure-of-color

2. https://dbpubliekeruimte.info/project/buurtpark-munthof-antwerpen/

Dears,You are warmly invited to...

image courtesy of: DOMUS No 649 Lancia Delta Car Advertisement

Reservations are no longer needed, but please wear a mask.

A reservation is required for the opening event and regular visiting hours.


online: link

email: gallery@bernaerts.be

telephone: +32 (0) 3 248 19 21


"First Date"

Lisse Declercq and Tramaine de Senna


Friday, May 7, 2021; 7 - 10pm/ 19 - 22hr

​​Exhibition dates:

May 7 - 30, 2021

​Visiting hours:

Wednesday - Sunday; 1 - 6pm/ 13 - 18hr

(closed Sunday, May 23, 2021)



Verlatstraat 20

2000 Antwerp






NL to EN:

Lisse Declercq and Tramaine de Senna are clearly also film buffs judging by what they can do for house Bernaerts. The entrance and first floor of the auction house, housed in the former interbellum cinema Cinema Tokio, are taken over for their duo show First Date - effectively the first collaboration between the two artists. They play with aesthetics of dinner and movies, the fantasy magoria of the dream manufacturer Hollywood in a duo between reality and fantasy. Personal stories are presented in a flashy form language that hints at popular culture and cinema. For example, Declercq's ​​very sweet paintings evoke the past idle calling language of advertising and cosmetics, while de Senna translates through cultural-historical research into work that takes on the most diverse forms.

I am pleased to announce my participation as one of the shortlisted artists in the genre of sculpture for the "Grote Prijs Ernest Albert" which will be held at De Garage - Room for Contemporary Art. This exhibition and biennial art prize is organized by the city council of Mechelen.

The opening of the exhibition, announcement and presentation of the prize will take place on Saturday, March 20th, 2021 at 11am in De Garage, Room for Contemporary Art, Onder den Toren 12, 2800 Mechelen.

In memory of Mrs. Marcelle Breugelmans, widow of Mr. Ernest Albert and the donor of this art prize, reference is made to the donor's preference for the figurative form of the art discipline practiced.

Shortlisted artists (listed alphabetically):

Willem Boel, Tramaine de Senna, Yannick Ganseman, Maika Garnica, Frederic Geurts, Daan Gielis, Athar Jaber, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Warre Mulder, Nadia Naveau, Karl Philips, Marius Ritiu, Caroline Van den Eynden, Emmanuel Van Der Auwera, Katleen Vinck.


Saturday, 20 March 2021 @ 13h/ 1:00pm:

the exhibition is open to the general public; you will have to reserve a slot via the ticket system (info will follow as it becomes available).

Exhibition dates:

20 March (Saturday) - 25 May (Tuesday),2021

Opening times:

Monday - Sunday, from 1pm - 6pm

(closed Wednesdays)

Shortlist: Grote Prijs Ernest Albert

De Garage - Room for Contemporary Art

Onder den Toren 12

2800 Mechelen, Belgium

Facebook page: Ernest Albert

The November 2020 issue of HART (Nr. 208) features a full-page ad by the Middelheimmuseum of my bronze "Figure of Color" statue currently on view, 24hrs a day, in the Antwerpse Stadspark (Quinten Matsijslei and Lange Kievitstraat entrance, near the skate park and children's playground).

Have a look!

Everyday Gallery presents "LIMBO", a group show.

Everyday Gallery

18 Jos Smolderenstraat

2000 Antwerp, Belgium


Saturday, 05 September, from 2 - 7pm/ 14 - 19hr.

Exhibition duration:

05 September (Saturday) - 04 October (Sunday) 2020.


+32 (0) 495 15 43 65

Gallery hours:

Wednesday to Saturday from 2pm to 6pm and by appointment




Kunstenaar Tramaine de Senna vertelt over haar nieuwe werk “Figure of Color”, en geeft toelichting bij zowel het technische proces als haar persoonlijke ideeën over publieke representatie. “Figure of Color” is het eerste werk gemaakt als onderdeel van de jaarlijkse opdrachtenreeks Publiek Figuur en is tot 18 april 2021 te zien in het Stadspark van Antwerpen.

Videografie door Noud Wijnants. Locaties: Art Casting en het atelier van de kunstenaar.


Artist Tramaine de Senna talks about her new work “Figure of Color”, offering some insights in both the technical process and her personal thoughts on public representation. “Figure of Color” is the first work made in the yearly series of new commissions titled Public Figure and is on view in the Antwerp Stadspark until 18 April 2021.

Video shot by Noud Wijnants. Venues: Art Casting and the artist’s studio.


"Publiek Figuur #1: Tramaine de Senna." Youtube, uploaded by Middelheimmuseum, 14 July 2020, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4d1VPICOC6g&feature=emb_logo.

Starting Friday, July 3rd, 2020, and durating until Sunday, April 18th, 2021, I am pleased to announce the Middelheimmusem's commission of "Figure of Color," my first bronze statue and the first of a new series of "Publiek Figuur" temporary commissions by Kunst in de Stad, initiated and curated by Samuel Saelemakers, Curator Collectie Kunst in de Stad (Public Art Collection) - Middelheimmuseum, Antwerp.

This statue will reside for one year in Antwerp's Stadspark, alongside other monuments of "poets and painters, monarchs and military men." If you are in town, please visit.

Practical Information:

Tramaine de Senna – Figure of Color is on view day and night from 3 July 2020 to 18 April 2021.


Stadspark, 2000 Antwerp.

The PUBLIC FIGURE plinth is situated near the playground and the side entrance of the park on Quinten Matsijslei.

Posters displayed in Antwerp for the re-opening of M HKA featuring artworks by Tramaine de Senna (left) and Els Dietvorst (right); photos courtesy of M HKA.

Musician Romeo Blanco, through Hyped Events, deejayed a one-hour set of music within my MASTERBLASTER exhibition at the Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerp during the COVID-19 quarantine. Have a look and listen for a textural and scale-wise glimpse into this solo exhibition.

Here's a video interview in relation to my current solo exhibition, MASTERBLASTER which durates until August 23rd, 2020 at het Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen/ the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp. Thank you M HKA communication department (Madiken Verboven and Oliver Vereycken).

Elke Vandersypen wrote an article about a 5.7 meter/ 18 foot 8 inch long artwork I made inspired by Bobbejaan Schoepen, a Flemish pioneer in Belgian pop music, vaudeville, and European country music.

© Foto: Laure Cottin Stefanelli
06.02, 20:00OPENING
The Flemish Minister of Culture, the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors, and the M HKA team have the honour of inviting you to the opening of MASTERBLASTER, an exhibition by Tramaine de Senna.For her solo exhibition at M HKA, titled MASTERBLASTER, de Senna presents a series of new works alongside a key selection of existing sculptures. Together, this constellation of works form a broader investigation of transitionary aesthetics and selfhood. The forms that comprise de Senna’s works can be seen as acts of resistance to the contemporary demands for foregrounding one’s biography or one’s relations to established constituencies of identity, in favour of something much more ambiguous. Under the saccharin hues and textures, lye things more unresolved, mutable and non-representational. In this exhibition, these works requires us to reconcile our desires with the enigmatic nature of de Senna’s works.
PROGRAMME20:00 | The museum opens its doors to the public20:30 | Official opening 21:00 | Reception MORE INFO
We're also celebrating the opening of five other exhibitions taking place at that moment: Els Dietvorst - *Dooltocht I A desperate quest to find a base for hopeAlice Creischer − The Greatest Happiness Principle PartyMermaid Honeymoon – A curatorial reflection on Allan Sekula’s 'Ship of Fools / The Dockers’ Museum' (2010–2013)Hugo Roelandt & de jaren ’90 - Light SensitiveINBOX: The Chinese with the golden claws VISIT PROGRAMME © M HKA · Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst AntwerpenLeuvenstraat 32, 2000 Antwerpen · M info@muhka.be · T +32 (0)3 260 99 99
Installation of my new artwork, "Chicken Frying, Fire Breathing, Son-of-a-Gun."Photo: Madiken Verboven for the M HKA
MASTERBLASTERTramaine de SennaJanuary 18 - April 26, 2020 extended until 23 August 2020
OPENING NIGHTThursday, February 6th, 202020:00 / 08:00 pm
M HKAMuseum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen/ Museum of Contemporary ArtLeuvenstraat 322000 AntwerpenBelgium
Tramaine de Senna’s work bears witness to the artist’s intense relationship with materials, but also to the “migration of forms” between different popular or material cultures, excess, and also the symbolic violence and ‘hauntology’ of histories, both trans-cultural and personal. Working primarily with sculpture, de Senna’s works float aesthetically between exuberance and repulsion. In appropriating different forms, surface qualities and palettes, these works adopt a position of reflection towards society’s ability to produce prosaic pop culture in conjunction with its cannibalism of symbols and human subjectivities.
For her solo exhibition at M HKA, titled MASTERBLASTER, de Senna presents a series of new works alongside a key selection of existing sculptures. Together, this constellation of works form a broader investigation of transitionary aesthetics and selfhood. The forms that comprise de Senna’s works can be seen as acts of resistance to the contemporary demands for foregrounding one’s biography or one’s relations to established constituencies of identity, in favour of something much more ambiguous. Under the saccharin hues and textures, lye things more unresolved, mutable and non-representational. In this exhibition, these works requires us to reconcile our desires with the enigmatic nature of de Senna’s works.
Tramaine de Senna is an artist from California who lives presently in Antwerp. In 2015, de Senna became a laureate of the HISK (Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten) in Ghent. In 2013, she earned an MFA from the Sint Joost Academy in Breda and ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL); and in 2004, graduated with two simultaneous BA degrees in Architecture and in Art from the University of California at Berkeley. Recent solo exhibitions include: Tramaine de Senna, Mélange, Cologne (2019); Supernatural, Pulsar, Antwerp (2019); and Tramaine de Senna, Art Centre Hugo Voeten, Herentals, BE (2015). Duo and group exhibitions include: New Movement, Boston, USA (2019); Universal Folklore – Farah Atassi & Tramaine de Senna, Permekemuseum, Jabbeke (2018); CO/LAB 4, Torrance Art Museum, California, US (2019); and Traumdepot: Plastik/Kunstoff, Bern, (2017); two commissioned poster works are currently on view at Witte de With, Rotterdam (2019).
The IN SITU programme offers medium-scale monographic exhibitions by significant early- and mid-career artists from around the world. It focuses on the commissioning of new artworks and experimental practices in what is M HKA’s largest and most atypical exhibition space. The IN SITU programme is led by Nav Haq, Associate Director at M HKA.
Photo by Laure Cottin Stefanelli
M HKALeuvenstraat 322000 AntwerpenBelgium
Monday: ClosedTuesday: 11am–6pmWednesday: 11am–6pmThursday: 11am–9pmFriday: 11am–6pmSaturday: 11am–6pmSunday: 11am–6pm
Join me and many others at the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art on Friday, November 29th, 2019, from 6 - 7:30pm for an informal talk with the Witte de With Research and Programs Manager, Vivian Ziherl, and five of the artists in An Exhibition of Posters: Kévin Bray, Chloë Delanghe, Vera Gulikers, Kevin Osepa, and Tramaine de Senna.
This talk is presented in the context of An Exhibition of Posters, curated by Samuel Saelemakers, with works by Maja Bekan, Kévin Bray, Chloë Delanghe, Baldvin Einarsson, Priscila Fernandes, Vera Gulikers, An Onghena, Kevin Osepa, Josie Perry, Rory Pilgrim, Tramaine de Senna, and Edward Clydesdale Thomson.
Witte de With Center for Contemporary ArtWitte de Withstraat 503012 BR Rotterdam, the NetherlandsTelephone: +31 (0) 10 411 0144
Monday: closedTuesday:11am–6pmWednesday: 11am–6pmThursday: 11am–6pmFriday: 11am–9pmSaturday: 11am–6pmSunday: 11am–6pm
On Thursday, November 7th, at 7:00 o'clock pm, I am pleased to announce my first solo exhibition "Snakes in Paradise" in Germany at Mélange in Köln. Many thanks to curators Patrick Haas and Jonas Schenk.
The exhibition runs from November 7, 2019 until January 5th, 2020.
MÉLANGESudermanstrasse 2 50670 Köln (DE)Viewing by appointmentwww.megamelange.com
Schirn Magazine has featured a review of the duo exhibition which Nicolás Lamas and I are exhibiting artworks in during München's “Various Others.” Many thanks to curators Patrick Haas and Jonas Schenk of Köln's Mélange, as well asLoggia, the space which we are exhibiting, and Romanian gallery, Sabot, which represents Nicolás Lamas.
The exhibition runs from September 13th - October 13, 2019.
Frieze Magazine has featured a review of the duo exhibition which Nicolás Lamas and I are exhibiting artworks in during München's “Various Others.” Many thanks to curators Patrick Haas and Jonas Schenk of Köln's Mélange, as well as Loggia, the space which we are exhibiting, and Romanian gallery, Sabot, which represents Nicolás Lamas.
The exhibition runs from September 13th - October 13, 2019.
HART's September 2019/issue #195 is featuring a 4-page spread about my art practice. This article was initiated on behalf of curator Samuel Saelemakers of the Middelheim Museum in Antwerp (BE).
A text and selection of key images from my archive are published as a view into my art practice.
On Friday, September 13th, 2019, from 6-9:00 o'clock pm, I am pleased to announce my duo person exhibition with Nicolás Lamas in which a selection of my artworks will be exhibited at Loggia in München's Maxvorstadt university district, home to both small galleries and major cultural sights such as the three Pinakothek art museums.
This exhibition, curated by Patrick Haas and Jonas Schenk of Köln's Mélange, is part of “Various Others,” a forum with a mission to “intensify exchange and dialogue between the art scene in München and international partners, guests and media.”
If you happen to be in Boston, Massachusetts (US) on Friday, June 7, 2019, please stop by The Cost Annex to see my most recent works within the "New Movement" exhibition, curated by Helen Singh-Miller.
Image: Wendy Jacob, Three Minutes (red), 1993, internal mechanism
The Cost Annex is pleased to present, for one night only, a group exhibition curated by Helen Singh-Miller.
NEW MOVEMENTMovement catches the eye, but it is not easy to see. Can we spot the impetus to motion? Can we tell the stillness of a completed action from the stillness before it began? How does the perception of movement change as we move? The artists in this show animate the connection between rhythm and syntax, basic steps and speech. A language, a family, each city street is revealed to “contain multitudes,” as Walt Whitman sings about the self. “As if you tied a knot on a timeline so that the past and future switch places and cover the current moment in more curves" (Oliver Strand). Or, as William James describes the present, like "a canoe or a saddle," something you can move back and forth inside of; it has a definite duration, is not infinitely divisible like a geometric point. Cherished gestures from pop and conceptual art, postmodern dance and *the movies* are rethought and remade. Part of a wider commitment to the relevance of physical experience, this exhibition explores what human movement looks like now. The results are unlikely and affecting. Featuring the work of Julie Carr, Carmine Grimaldi, Deniz Tortum, Wendy Jacob, Will Johnson, Helen Mirra, Robert Moeller, Joseph Pomp, Nathan Liow, Tramaine de Senna, and Helen Singh-Miller. Exhibition essay by Argyro Nicolaou.
The Cost Annex59 Wareham Street, 5th floorBoston, Massachusetts 02118 (US)
Friday, June 7, 2019, from 6 - 9:00pm / 18 - 21uur
Special thanks: D. Graham Burnett, Marc Levy, Robert Moeller, Argyro Nicolaou, Haleigh Roy, Andrew Ryder, Jay Scheib and the Cost Foundation.
Friends and Colleagues,
On Sunday, April 7th, 2019, at 3pm, I have the great pleasure to invite you to the opening of "Een tentoonstelling met posters/ An Exhibition of Posters" at the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
On this day, the collective learning participants of Witte de With will announce a new identity for Untitled, the provisional name of the ground-floor gallery space which is open, free of admission, to the public.
A set of A0 posters (84.1 x 118.9 cm or 33.1 x 46.8), available in an infinite edition, will be unveiled in response to this new identity. Twelve artists, including me, were specifically commissioned to make two posters each. These posters are available for purchase.
I will be delighted to meet you there.
ENGLISH:◑ Opening of An Exhibition of PostersSunday 7 April 2019, 3 - 6 pmLocation: Untitled (ground floor gallery)Free entrance
An exhibition of posters by Maja Bekan, Kévin Bray, Chloë Delanghe, Baldvin Einarsson, Priscila Fernandes, Vera Gulikers, An Onghena, Kevin Osepa, Josie Perry, Rory Pilgrim, Tramaine de Senna, and Edward Clydesdale Thomson.
Organized as part of the initiative for collective learning with Gizem Adanur, Chloé Blansjaar, Tayler Calister , Mohamed Chajid, Sjoerd van Kampen, Stijn Kemper, Eva Langstraat, Joy Ravenswaaij and Sytze Vanderwolk.
Curators: Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, Samuel Saelemakers
The twelve visual artists, who live in the Netherlands and the surrounding region, were commissioned these posters as part of Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art’s collective learning initiative, with a focus on community building. This initiative entails many activities, including a work/study program designed for Rotterdam youth. The program includes art history courses as well as business workshops, and engages the program participants in skill-building activities to gain skills that range from hospitality to creating collaborative partnerships.
During the first edition nine participants enrolled: Gizem Adanur, Chloé Blansjaar, Tayler Calister , Mohamed Chajid, Sjoerd van Kampen, Stijn Kemper, Eva Langstraat, Joy Ravenswaaij and Sytze Vanderwolk. They are either still enrolled in school or are already pursuing a career in the arts. For a period of six months, these young Rotterdammers met, discussed ideas, and organized public programs together with Witte de With’s Curator of Collective Learning, Jessy Koeiman.
The participants learned and worked in the ground floor gallery space of Witte de With from September 2018 until February 2019. This space has provisionally been called Untitled, and is designed as a site for art displays and public convening, as well as the primary location for the institution’s public programs. At the exhibition opening on Sunday, April 7, the collective learning participants will announce a new identity for Untitled, which they conceptualized and developed during their work/study program.
In an effort to make the ground-floor gallery space more readily accessible to the public, entrance is free of admission.
NEDERLANDS:◑ Opening van Een tentoonstelling met posterszondag 7 april 2019, 15:00 - 18:00 uurLocatie: Zonder titel (tentoonstellingsruimte op de begane grond)Gratis inloop
Houd de middag van zondag 7 april 2019 van 15:00 tot 18:00 uur vrij voor de opening van:
Een tentoonstelling van posters door Maja Bekan, Kévin Bray, Chloë Delanghe, Baldvin Einarsson, Priscila Fernandes, Vera Gulikers, An Onghena, Kevin Osepa, Josie Perry, Rory Pilgrim, Tramaine de Senna, en Edward Clydesdale Thomson.
Georganiseerd als onderdeel van het initiatief voor collectief leren, met Gizem Adanur, Chloé Blansjaar, Tayler Calister , Mohamed Chajid, Sjoerd van Kampen, Stijn Kemper, Eva Langstraat, Joy Ravenswaaij en Sytze Vanderwolk.
Curatoren: Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, Samuel Saelemakers
De twaalf beeldend kunstenaars die voornamelijk in Nederland wonen, hebben hun werk gemaakt in opdracht van Witte de Withs nieuwe Collectief Leren programma, dat zich richt op gemeenschapsvorming. Dit initiatief omvat meerdere activiteiten, waaronder het werk-leertraject voor Rotterdamse jongeren, met workshops variërend van beeldende kunst tot het betrekken van gemeenschappen en ondernemerschap. Het doel was uiteenlopende vaardigheden te verwerven: van gastvrijheid tot het creëren van samenwerkingsverbanden.
Tijdens deze eerste editie waren negen deelnemers actief: Gizem Adanur, Chloé Blansjaar, Tayler Calister , Mohamed Chajid, Sjoerd van Kampen, Stijn Kemper, Eva Langstraat, Joy Ravenswaaij en Sytze Vanderwolk. Sommigen van hen studeren of werken en sommigen streven een carrière in de kunst na. Gedurende een periode van zes maanden ontmoetten deze jonge Rotterdammers elkaar, bespraken ze ideeën en organiseerden ze een reeks evenementen samen met Jessy Koeiman, Witte de Withs Programmamaker voor Collectief Leren.
De jongeren hebben vanaf september 2018 tot februari 2019 geleerd en gewerkt in de ruimte op de begane grond van Witte de With. Deze tentoonstellingsruimte met de voorlopige naam Zonder titel is ontworpen voor kunstpresentaties en publieke bijeenkomsten en is daarmee de voornaamste plek voor openbare programma’s. Tijdens de opening van de tentoonstelling op zondag 7 april zullen de jongeren de nieuwe identiteit onthullen voor de tentoonstellingsruimte die zij hebben ontwikkeld tijdens het werk-leertraject.
Om de ruimte zo toegankelijk mogelijk te maken voor publiek is deze ruimte altijd gratis te bezoeken.
Witte de With Center for Contemporary ArtWitte de Withstraat 503012 BR RotterdamThe NetherlandsT: +31 (0) 10 411 01 44
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Youtube | Soundcloud
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Through De Aanschouw, DXIX (Rotterdam, NL) and the Torrance Art Museum (Southern California, US), I have the great pleasure to invite you to the opening of CO/LAB 4 on Saturday, March 30th, from 6 - 9pm.
A diptych of mine, Learn and Destroy Version 6.0 (2012), which was displayed at De Aanshouw in March 2012, will be reproduced and displayed at the Torrance Art Museum.
Torrance Art Museum (TAM) proudly presents CO/LAB 4, an international, collaborative project which presents eight artist-run galleries and collectives from Los Angeles partnering with eight artist-run spaces from Rotterdam. Sixteen organizations combine their ingenuity to design eight unique curatorial projects.
The opening reception will be held on Saturday, March 30th from 6 pm – 9 pmfeaturing a special mobile exhibition Common Survival curated by the Institute of Queer Ecology in the Gas gallery truck by Ceci Moss.
Gallery Two – Auratic Geometries: sculpture by Ryan Taber.Dark Room – The BEACON Project, a rotating video installation fusing art and contemporary social and political issues following 7 themes Curated by Jessa Ciel and produced by Tre Borden. Lobby - Aversion, mixed media sculpture by Brian Jones.
Guus Vreeburg, co-owner of HET PLAFOND, will deliver a special presentation on the cultural climate of Rotterdam and introduce the 8 participating spaces from the Netherlands on Saturday, March 30th at 3:30pm.
Torrance Art Museum (map)3320 Civic Center DriveTorrance, California 90503 United States
+1 (310) 6186388TorranceArtMuseum@TorranceCA.Gov
Hours of operation: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5pm
Operating hours during exhibition dates only. Closed Sunday, Monday, and all major holidays.
Friends and Colleagues,
I have the great pleasure to invite you to the opening of SUPERNATURAL, my solo exhibition at Pulsar, an independent exhibition space by and for artists. All new works will be exhibited for their first time.
I will be delighted to meet you there.
* * * * *
Tramaine de Senna’s SUPERNATURAL is part of an ever-evolving body of work that bears witness to the artist’s intense relationship with materials and her interest in issues such as the migration of forms, pop and material culture, internalized violence, exuberance, and the enduring ambiguous presence - “ghosts” - of histories. Executed via the plasticity of foam, textiles, and 2-composite materials, the SUPERNATURAL series are sculptures of biomorphic, abstracting, and rectilinear entities, radiating information in non-narrative ways, existing in lives outside human consciousness. These nomadic elements, drifting through time and space, are extracted from a vast visual and audio bank compiled by the artist. They reveal a myriad of ongoing preoccupations including Brutalist architecture of electrical power and telecommunications, children’s television programming, exotica for armchair safari-ers, frontier idioms, architecture between the world wars such as streamline modernism, funk and soul music, toys, and the creativity of “passing” to avoid stigma. She makes a visual and conceptual link, for example, between the physical manifestation of internalized violence and the formalism of certain hybrid plastic injection molded toys, equating both to the grotesque (deformation bodies, tortured souls). In this sense, her forms are analytical and emotive, an exercise in social dissection that inhabits a haunting formalism, heightened by tactility, bouts of scale, and a visceral use of texture and color.
Opening:FRIDAY, MARCH 15th, 2019; 19:00 > 22:00
Exhibition:MARCH 15 - APRIL 6, 2019
Viewing dates:Saturday - Sunday, March 16th and 17th; 14:00 > 18:00… or visit by appointment: +32 (0) 499 63 21 65
PULSARFrankrijklei 512000 Antwerp, Belgiumwebsite | Instagram | Facebook
Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten - event
Dear friends and colleagues,
On Friday, November 16th, 2018, from 18-22:00, I am pleased to announce the opening of "In the Pines," a duo exhibition with artist Eline De Clercq at Haecken & Ooghen.
Several new works of mine will be displayed for the first time in this exhibition.
left image: painting by Eline De Clercq;right image photo credit (starting at upper right, clockwise): New York, New York (1977); Twin Peaks (1990-1991); Being There (1979); Safe (1995)
Haecken & OoghenKlapdorp 352000 Antwerp (BE)
Opening:Friday, November 16, 2018; 18-22:00
Exhibition dates: November 17 - December 9, 2018
Gallery hours: Saturday - Sunday, 14-18:00
www.elinedeclercq.com | www.tramainedesenna.com
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Friends and Colleagues,

This Sunday, September 2nd, 2018, from 2 - 4pm, I am pleased to announce a "Meet & Greet" with painter Farah Atassi and me, regarding our duo exhibition Universal Folklore at the Constant Permeke Museum in Jabbeke, Belgium.

Register via info@muzee.be;

the tour is free and will commence promptly at 2pm within the ticket office.

This event will coincide with Permeke's Boekentuin.

photos by: Els Verhaeghe


Constant Permeke Museum (Mu.ZEE)

Gistelsteenweg 341

8490 Jabbeke


+32 (0) 59 50 81 18

Meet & Greet

with Farah Atassi and Tramaine de Senna

"Universal Folkore"

curated by Ilse Roosens

Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

2 - 4pm / 14 - 16 uur

Free; register via info@muzee.be

Exhibition dates:

June 3rd - October 21, 2018

Museum hours:

Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 12:30pm, 1:30 - 5:30pm

closed on Mondays

Dear friends and colleagues,

From August 26th until October 7th, 2018, I am pleased to announce "Expo Verknipt" in which I am presenting a new work within WARP's

window display. You are more than welcome to see this and art from "kunstenaars, samplers, leugenaars, residenten en dissidenten."

above: Joe Louis and Max Schmeling

“ [...] each perpetually assumes the guise of the other, creating that dense, many-sided and shifting reality which is the world we live in and the world we make. To tell his story is to begin to liberate us from his image and it is, for the first time, to clothe this phantom with flesh and blood, to deepen, by our understanding of him and his relationship to us, our understanding of ourselves and of all men.

[...] there are whites and blacks among us who hate each other, we will not; there are those who are betrayed by greed, by guilt, by blood lust, but not we; we will set our faces against them and join hands and walk together into the dazzling future when there will be no white or black.”^1


1. Baldwin, James. Notes of a Native Son, (Massachusetts, Beacon Press, 1958), 44 - 45.


Sunday, August 26th, 2018; 14 - 17 hr

confirm your presence at: info@warp-art.be (free)

Exhibition information:

August 26th - October 7th, 2018

WARP Contemporary Art Platform

(Wase Artistieke Projecten)

Apostelstraat 20

9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

(above): Max Schmeling

Twenty artists received an original copy of Signaal, a very popular German military propaganda magazine distributed during World War II in the occupied territories. Starting from this source material the artists create new work, in diverse materials and contexts. They all work on the thin line between fact & fiction, between truth & lies.

Verknipt will be officially opened with a speech of political journalist Ivan De Vadderand with a musical sampling by opera singer Eurudike De Beul.

In co-operation with the library of Sint-Niklaas.

(photo above): Way back in 1976 the word Hammerfriar was coined when Jill Plamann and her husband Steve decided to name any

joint venture they created. Based on the words hammer-for-hire they would do anything they could to earn a dime to support their artistic ventures.


Hammerfriar Gallery celebrates its first 13 Years with a retrospective of 41 artists. This is the final show curated by influential Gallery founder, Jill Plamann, who is retiring after 40 years of presenting art. The Gallery will now continue under the direction of new owners Charly Leys and Glenn Young. Hammerfriar Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art with a vision. Since our inception in 2005, we have developed a reputation as one of Sonoma County's premier galleries -- representing both established and emerging artists from the greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Our artists are diverse in their expression and backgrounds, yet they share a common intuition and vision that is conveyed in their individual styles and mediums. Through exhibitions of paintings, sculpture and mixed media art, we come together to explore a central philosophy deeply

rooted in humanity, time and space.


Chris Beards, Edi Bergman, Seymour Bergman, Francesco Cafiso, Ryan Carrington, Peter Crompton, Robyn Spencer-Crompton, Sandy Deeks, Ryan Douglas, Ann Gerber, Harley, Pamela Holmes, Jenny Honnert, John Hundt, Britta Kathmeyer, Sally Krahn, Frank LaPena, Pat Lenz, Hamlet Mateo, Gene McClelland, Penny Michel, Frank Miller, Monty Monty, Art Moura, Jann Nunn, Daniel Oberti, Sherry Parker, Molly Perez, Catherine Richardson, Deborah Salomon, Tramaine de Senna, Bill Shelley, Judson King Smith, Claude Smith, Robert Michael Smith, Shelley Spira Burns, Alice Sutro, Mike Tinney, James Vogel, Victoria Wagner, and Kathleen Yorba


June 23 - August 25


June 23

6 - 9 PM

Hammerfriar Gallery

132 Mill Street, Ste. 101

Healdsburg, CA 95448


Tu-Fr, 10-6, Sat, 10-5

From June 3rd to October 21st, 2018, I am pleased to announce an exhibition curated by Ilse Roosens of paintings by Farah Atassi

and a mixture of new and older works from my oeuvre at the Constant Permeke Museum in Jabbeke (through Mu.Zee in Oostende, Belgium).

Like Constant Permeke’s, the works of Farah Atassi and Tramaine de Senna manifest a keen interest in folkloric motifs. The artists copy and mix the imagery of objects that are often situated in an ethnographic or design context, such as carpets, masks or toys. In the first half of the twentieth century, Permeke and several of his contemporaries adopted the forms of African masks and sculptures. They were motivated by a fascination with the aesthetic qualities of the objects.


Sunday, June 3, 2018: 11am / 11uur

Registration required, click this link,

and enter this code: Zomerfestival2018

Meet & Greet with Farah Atassi and Tramaine de Senna:

Sunday, September 2, 2018: 2 - 4pm / 14 - 16uur

Both artists will take you into the exhibition (during Permekes Boekentuin).

Register via info@muzee.be

You are cordially invited to the preview of 'Popo-caté-petl' on Friday 25 May 2018 in Bernaerts Kunstveilingen at 6 pm.

The exhibition will be open during the Antwerp Art Weekend, the 26 & 27 May 2018, from 12-18:00.

During the evening of January 9, 2018, I am pleased to exhibit my new works - Rancho Meadows - during Trampoline Gallery's /’haɪə en (nʊ)/ exhibition series. Please stop by if you are in the area.

/’haɪə en (nʊ)/

From December 7th, 2017 until January 20th, 2018, Trampoline invites you to its new project /’haɪə en (nʊ)/, a series of group and solo exhibitions, concerts, events, lectures, performances, screenings and talks.

Artists exhibiting are: Stefaan Dheedene, Manon van den Eeden, Jean Katambayi Mukendi, Vaast Colson, Simon Wald-Lasowski, Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson, Social Harmony presenting David Edren, Kris Van Dessel, Tramaine de Senna, Yannick Ganseman, CMMC, Nienke Baeckelandt, Ken Verhoeven, Guido de Pooter, Peter Lemmens, and Kris Van Dessel.

Next to the normal opening hours, the gallery will be open each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening, from 8 to 11 p.m. and will function as a bar.

Check Trampoline's Facebook and Instagram accounts for the day-to-day program.

Thanks to Tubelight for the collaboration concerning the review of the various events.

Trampoline Gallery

Vlaamse kaai 47

2000 Antwerp

T Simon Delobel (founding director) +32 493 07 81 53

T Daniela Apice (director) +31 642 14 13 62

E trampolinegallery@gmail.com

W trampolinegallery.com

EXTRA OPENINGS HOURS for the /’haɪə en (nʊ)/ project

Tuesday, 8-11 p.m.

Thursday, 8-11 p.m.

Saturday, 8-11 p.m.

On Saturday, November 25, 2017, from 12 - 4 o'clock p.m. / 12 - 16 hour, I am pleased to announce the opening of 'There is Always An Alternative', an exhibition by Platform102, taking place at the Moonens Foundation in Brussels, Belgium. Works from eight sets of artists, including my new DEVO-LUTION series, will be exhibited.

(above, from left to right): a work by Arianne Foks; one of my Laborers or Mixed-Blood Motifs;

and, a work from the DEVO-LUTION series.


Cultural cliches are the source of inspiration for the presentation 'There is Always an Alternative'. The show comments on the power to change mindsets towards a concept of identity that denies singularity through reinterpretations of social ethics, behavioral stereotypes, and social justice.


Ben Benaouisse (MA/BE), Beverly Buchanan,1940-2015 (USA), Tramaine de Senna (USA), Arianne Foks (FR), Industry of the Ordinary (USA), Saori Kuno (JP), and Joel Tauber (USA)

To coincide with 'There is Always an Alternative' a series of 'playlist interventions' will be released over the course of the presentation in collaboration with podcast Rue14n14.


Saturday, November 25, 2017;

from 12 - 4 o'clock p.m. / 12 - 16 hour

Exhibition Dates (by appointment):


November 26, 2017 - January 12, 2018

More info:

Website: Platform 102

Facebook: Platform 102


Moonens Foundation

Rue Philippe de Champagne 50

1000 Brussels, Belgium

'Exposition réalisée avec le soutien de la Fondation Moonens'

I am proud to announce that on ​Wednesday, November 15, 2017, at 16:30, AZ Alma Ziekenhuis - Zorg met een Hart - will ​present their publication, "Kunst in opdracht in AZ Alma," highlighting art specifically commissioned and installed within this new hospital's healing environment.

A walking tour including all sets of ten artists' works accompanies this event.

​Two sets of my commissioned artworks will be in the unveiled publication for the evening.

These commissioned artworks are:

1) two facing tapestries (above, left) of the AZ Alma's "healing hands" with laser cut imagery adhered onto two layers of organza and silk; at 5 stories tall each - 15.5 meters (H) x 6 meters (W); and installed within the main entrance hall/ atrium.


2) 1- to 6-panel unique lenticular "moving" photograph sets of my artworks, permanently installed within 25+ waiting rooms/ wachtkamers (above, right).

AZ Alma Ziekenhuis will also conduct a walk-thru tour of installed artworks by artists:

Sander Anseeuw, Joke Raes, Tramaine de Senna, Hans Everaert, Willy De Sauter, Steven Baelen, Paul Gees, Sarah Westphal, Cindy Wright, and Hans Vanderkerckhove


16U30: Onthaal

17U00: Academische zitting door dhr. Hans Martens, directeur Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Mechelen en curator

18U00: Rondgang langs de kunstroute o.l.v. de leden van de kunstcommissie van AZ Alma

19U00: Receptie

AZ Alma Ziekenhuis

Ringlaan 15

9900 Eeklo


Algemeen nummer: +32 (0) 9 310 00 00

above: One of twenty-five commissioned wachtkamers/ waiting rooms with lenticular photographs of artworks.

(above): My commissioned artwork - a view of AZ Alma Ziekenhuis' first floor atrium/ entrance hall with two "healing hands" curtain panels @ 15.5 meters (high) x 6 meters (wide) with laser cut imagery, adhered onto two layers of organza and satin.

(above): Some of many dedicated caretakers and medical practitioners working at Eeklo's AZ Alma Ziekenhuis - Zorg met een Hart.

On Sunday, September 17, 2017, at 14:00 hour/ 2:00 o'clock p.m., in the company of many artists' works, including mine, I have the pleasure to announce the opening of "Traumdepot - Plastik / Kunststoff" at Traumdepot Burgernziel Bern, Switzerland. Please stop by.

(above, left to right): "Learn and Destroy, Version 3.0"; "Absurder Kinky"

Artists exhibiting: Niki de Saint Phalle, Willy Suter, Vivi Linnemann, Kurt Baumann, Rudolf Tschudin, Walter Vogeli, Peter von Wattenwyl, Thomas Probst, Lis Kocher, Margo, Milan Spacek, Ottmar Hörl, Oliver Czarnetta, Tramaine de Senna, Johannes Haider, Peter Probst, Hanspeter Schumacher, Christo, Christoph Pöggeler, Rosalie, Frédéric Belser, Peter Binz, Franca Heller, Markus Gauch, Ruth Moro, Markus Bless, Verena Immenhauser, Bernhard Annen, Adrien Jutard, Katharina Henking, Eugene Traber, Katharina Mörth, and Maria Dundakova

Vernissage/ Opening:

Sonntag, 17. September 2017; 14:00 Uhr/

Sunday, September 17, 2017; 2 o'clock p.m.

Ausstellungsdauer/ Exhibition dates:

17. September 2017 bis zum 29. Oktober 2017/

September 17 - October 29, 2017


Sonntag, 29. Oktober ab 12:00 Uhr/

Sunday, October 29, 2017; 12:00 o'clock p.m.

Öffnungszeiten/ Open hours:

Donnerstag & Freitag, 15:00 - 19:00 Uhr

Samstag & Sonntag, 12:00 - 17:00 Uhr/

Thursday - Friday, 3 - 7:00 o'clock p.m.

Saturday - Sunday, 12 - 5:00 o'clock p.m.

Ausstellungsort/ Exhibition location:

Tramdepot Burgernziel Bern

Thunstrasse 104 - 106



Die Ausstellung ist für alle Besucher Barrierefrei zugänglich.

Gemeinschaftsprojekt von:

Ute Winselmann Adatte, art curating

Tel. 032 322 95 55

Natel 078 736 09 37



Marianne Reich Arn

Tel. 031 311 48 49

Natel 079 688 22 52



On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, the new hospital of AZ Alma in Eeklo, Belgium, will open to the public. I have the pleasure to announce the completion of two sets of commissioned artworks - the atrium and wachtkamers - within this healing environment.

<LINK to project>

AZ Alma - Nieuw Ziekenhuis < LINK >

Nieuw adres:

Ringlaan 15, 9900 Eeklo, Belgium

On Saturday, November 19, 2016, from 6 - 9:00 o'clock p.m. / 18 - 21 hour, I have the pleasure to announce the opening of "Small Works" at Hammerfriar. My ceramic VOMs, which I made and imported from the Netherlands, will be on display. Please stop by.

(above): wet-sanded plaster V.O.M. forms in preparation for making slip-cast molds for earthenware ceramic V.O.M.s

Exhibition dates:

November 19, 2016 - January 28, 2017

Public reception:

Saturday, November 19, 6 - 9:00 o'clock p.m.

Hammerfriar Gallery

132 Mill Street, Suite 101

Healdsburg, California 95448 (US)

telephone: + 1 707 473 9600

hours: Tuesday - Friday: 10 - 6pm; Saturday: 10 - 5pm

Small Works by:

Sandy Deeks, Pamela Homes, Britta Kathmeyer, Penny Michel, Frank Miller, Jann Nunn, Tramaine de Senna and Bill Shelley.

On Saturday, September 10, 2016, from 6 - 9:00 o'clock p.m. / 18 - 21 hour, I am pleased to announce the opening of my solo exhibition

with a new body of work at Hammerfriar. Please stop by.

Exhibition dates:

September 10 - November 5 extended to November 12, 2016

Public reception:

Saturday, September 10, 6 - 9:00 o'clock p.m.

Hammerfriar Gallery

132 Mill Street, Suite 101

Healdsburg, California 95448

telephone: + 1 707 473 9600

hours: Tuesday - Friday: 10 - 6pm; Saturday: 10 - 5pm

If you are in Chicago's Lower West Side/ Pilsen (Plzeň) neighborhood this upcoming Friday, May 20th, 2016, from 6 - 10pm, please check out "paperworks", an exhibition organized between Antena (US) and Platform 102 (BE).

"Paperworks" brings together the work of five young international artists sharing a common theme of reinterpretation in their practice. At some point each artists has used paper products in untraditional methods to express issues such as memory, politics and public interactions. The eclectic and minimalist installation of works organized by Platform 102 (Brussels) at Antena (Chicago) explores these issues through the mediums of video, photography, instructions and process driven practices.


Léa Belooussovitch (FR), Marc Buchy (FR), João Freitas (PT), Saori Kuno (JP), Tramaine de Senna (US)

Opening: Friday, May 20th, 2016; 6 - 10pm

Exhibition dates: May 20 - June 17, 2016


1755 S. Laflin Street

Chicago, Illinois 60608




facebook: platform102

If you are in Antwerp for the weekend, come see "The Moving Image: HISK at Antwerp Art Weekend", Friday - Sunday, May 20 - 22, 2016

(image courtesy of: Jonathan Paepens, "As he Descended the Mountain")

"Bellestelle", my collaborative short film, will start Sunday's screenings at 12:00pm.De Studio, Maarschalk Gérardstraat 4, 2000 Antwerpen (BE)

Opening: 2016/05/20 12:00

Art Festival link

HISK event

Guy Van Bossche: Unterseeboot über Malermeister - a retrospective at Mechelen's Cultural Center, December 5th, 2015 - February 7th, 2016

My work, the Laborers hung between works by Koen van den Broek and Guy Van Bossche

If you like, this upcoming Friday, December 4th, 2015, from 19h00 - 22h00 in Mechelen's Cultural Center, Guy Van Bossche's retrospective, Unterseeboot über Malermeister, will occur with works by:

Carla Arocha and Stéphane Schraenen, Guillaume Bijl, Wim Catrysse, Colson, Bert De Beul, Tramaine de Senna, Niels Donckers, Robin Foesters, Daan Gielis, The Letter dozers, Ria Pacquée, Eleni Paschalidis, Koen Sels Jelle Spruyt Walter Swennen, Dennis Typhoid, Anne Van Boxelaere, Koen van den Broek, Patrick Vanden Eynde, Rinus Van de Velde, Marc Vanderleenen, Pieter Vermeersch and Luc Tuymans.

Opening: Friday, December 4th, 2015; 19 - 22h00

Exhibition Dates: December 5th, 2015 - February 7th, 2016

Opening hours: Thursday - Sunday, from 13h00 - 18h00

Cultuurcentrum Mechelen

Minderbroedersgang 5

2800 Mechelen

Tel.: +32 0 15 29 40 00

Fax: +32 0 15 29 40 29

E-mail: cultuurcentrum@mechelen.be

Website: http://www.cultuurcentrummechelen.be

Guy Van Bossche, represented by MULIER MULIER GALLERY

"It takes two to make an accident"

HISK Laureates 2015

Our final exhibition after two years of research at the Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten

Opening: Friday the 13th (of November 2015), 6 - 10:00 'clock p.m. + After party in the HISK Café.

Exhibition dates:

November 14 - December 7, 2015

HISK, Charles de Kerchovelaan 187a, 9000, Gent (BE)



Friday the 13th (of November 2015), 6 - 10:00 'clock p.m.

+ After party in the HISK Café.

Hours of operation:

Thursday - Monday, 12 - 6:00 o'clock p.m

2015 Laureates:

Loukia Alavanou, Leyla Aydoslu, Benjamin Verhoeven, Flurin Bisig, Laure Cottin Stefanelli, Raffaella Crispino, Tramaine de Senna, Jóhanna Kristbjörg Sigurðardóttir, Marie-Fleur Lefebvre, Ella Littwitz, Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Egon Van Herreweghe, Klaas Vanhee

Curator: Selen Ansen

Grete Simkuté wrote an article for Belgium's (h)art magazine (October 22, 2015) about my solo exhibition, which will close on Halloween, October 31, 2015.

From September 25 - October 29th, 2015, fellow colleagues and I will be exhibiting at the sixth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Art Center Hugo Voeten proudly presents my solo exhibition, exhibiting from August 28th to October 31st 2015.

Published text:

The Californian artist, Tramaine de Senna, is interested in the migration of forms in relation to material culture and political economies. Through a staging of her work as artifacts, de Senna cues a visual cinematic memory in relation to the viewer under which histories manifest. Next to older works, the emphasis of this exhibition will be on her most recent creations.

Tramaine de Senna (°1981, San Francisco, California) is currently based in Ghent where she is following an artist in residency at the HISK (Higher Institute of Fine Arts).

Curator: Lisa van Gerven


Thursday, August 27, 2015

20:00 - 23:00

Exhibition dates:

August 28 - October, 2015


Vennen 23

2200 Herentals, Belgium

Phone +32 (0) 475 55 51 25






Tramaine de Senna and Laure Cottin Stefanelli are happy to invite you to a dinner followed by an artist talk in Céline Germès' studio on Wednesday, July 1st, starting from 20h00.

SPINNEREI HALLE 14, Ground floor

Spinnereistrasse 7

04279 Leipzig-Plagwitz, Sachsen


As part of a one-month exchange between the H.I.S.K. (Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Advanced Studies & Practice-based Research in Visual Arts; Ghent, Belgium) and the Spinnerei (Leipzig, Germany), two artists, Laure Cottin Stefanelli (FR) and Tramaine de Senna (US), will introduce their work.

For the month of June, I will be on an artist exchange at the Spinnerei in Leipzig, Germany

Radio interview with a Ghent (BE) radio station for HISK Open Studios: << LINK >>

IF YOU WISH... come see my new works at the HISK OPEN STUDIOS 2015

Vrijdag/ Friday 29 May 2015 — 14:00 > 20:00

Zaterdag/ Saturday 30 May 2015 — 14:00 > 20:00

Zondag/ Sunday 31 May 2015 — 14:00 > 20:00

Maandag/ Monday 01 June 2015 — 14:00 > 20:00

Elke dag videoscreening + interviews met de kunstenaars in hun studio door Vincent Geyskens en Oscar van den Boogaard. Voor meer informatie, zie www.hisk.edu.

Every day videoscreening + interviews with the artists in their studio by Vincent Geyskens and Oscar van den Boogaard. For detailed information, see www.hisk.edu.


Loukia Alavanou GR, Leyla Aydoslu DE, Flurin Bisig CH, Laure Cottin Stefanelli FR, Raffaella Crispino IT, Tramaine de Senna US, Lydia Debeer BE, Indrikis Gelzis LV, Minja Gu KR, Alejandra Hernández CO, Lien Hüwels BE, Jóhanna Kristbjörg Sigurðardóttir IS, Marie-Fleur Lefebvre FR, Ella Littwitz IL/DE, Almudena Lobera ES, Oleg Matrokhin RU, Pedro Moraes BR, Joke Raes BE, Jura Shust BY, Diana Tamane LV, Anne Van Boxelaere BE, Emmanuel Van der Auwera BE, Egon Van Herreweghe BE, Klaas Vanhee BE, Benjamin Verhoeven BE, Wieske Wester NL


Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten

Higher Institute for Fine Arts

Charles de Kerchovelaan 187a

9000 Ghent, Belgium

(T): +32 9 269 67 60




Starting Friday, May 22nd @ 7pm, and throughout that weekend, I am pleased to announce Cruz & Gomez's "The Fallibility of Formulation"; a group exhibition located in Genk, Belgium. Ten artists, including me, will present work;15 maps of 10 limited edition prints, made by each artist uniquely for this show, will be for sale.

Cruz & Gomez

Maaseikerbaan 96

3600 Genk


(above): initial design for limited edition poster to be sold during the weekend exhibition

Check out my new work, the Candy Colored Clown, at the HISKCafé, located in the mezzanine of Hall 3, during Art Brussels this year if you are in town.

Opening hours:

Friday 24 April - Preview (11am-5pm) & Vernissage (5pm-10pm) by invitation only

Saturday 25 - Monday 27 April, from 11am - 7pm

Monday 27 April, from 11am - 8pm

Thursday 23 April - Gallery Night (in the city), from 6 to 9 pm

Brussels Expo (Heysel)

Halls 1 & 3

Place de Belgique, 1

1020 Brussels

On behalf of HISK's publishing of "The Institute" - 20 years and 230 artists, Belgium's VRT Nieuws (Channel 2) aired two interviews pertaining to the HISK: one with our Director, Oscar van den Boogaard; and another with three (of twenty-six) artists currently attending the HISK.