Ausblick: Juli bis September 2010. Altes Spital Solothurn, Kulture & Kongresse, 2010.


"Ausblick" - July thru Septebmer 2010

Tramaine de Senna | Guest Artist from California/USA

Tuesday 10. August, 7:00pm: Arrival Greeting

Tramaine de Senna studied architecture and art at UC Berkeley. She is multi-talented and works on many different levels. Her video installations represent a similarity to her drawings and her sugar sculptures show a broad sense of creativity as well as showing how the artist is able to show many motifs. Currently, she is intensively interested in the decor of the Baroque and Rococo, which goes beyond pure aesthetics. The baroque city of Solothurn thus offers an abundance of inspirations for her work. Thematically, it borrows from baroque churches and buildings as well as with sugar ornaments and desserts. These developed so-called “Caulk Frosting Paintings,” are simultaneously both sculptures and paintings. Tramaine de Senna works mainly with silicone. Working with this material is both fascinating and demanding of the artist since it must be worked on quickly.

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