“Dagopvang kinder- en jeugdpsychiatrie Timanti officieel geopend.”, 6 May 2022. Accessed 6 May 2022

NL to EN translation:

“Day care child and youth psychiatry Timanti officially open”

May 6, 2022

The newly built pavilion for the Day Care Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of AZ Alma was officially opened. The operation is called Timanti, the Finnish for diamond.

Since the beginning of January, the functioning of the child and adolescent psychiatry has been housed in the brand new pavilion near the heliport. Sixteen young people between the ages of 12 and 18 are helped in day care by a team of a child psychiatrist and employees. “The problems of young people are tackled in a team, across the various disciplines”, says Timanti. “Nevertheless, we provide a tailor-made approach, in which the strength of our employees is optimally used.”

AZ Alma has been working in child and youth psychiatry since the beginning of 2019. For this purpose, an association for joint exploitation services for child and youth psychiatry in the region of Ghent, Meetjesland and South-East Flanders was established and recognized, including the functional link between KARUS and AZ Alma. The initial operation was spread over various places in the hospital and the Almahuis. Not ideal, a place of its own was necessary and has now been established. The building, which was built with VIPA support, was erected in a corner of the hospital domain, close to the heliport. It has become a beautiful location. Would you like to take a walk?

Nursing post: here the children or young people are registered by telephone via the parents or care providers. The recording team discusses the questions and investigates how Timanti can add value. “During an initial meeting, we explore whether Timanti can offer an appropriate answer to a problem. It is an immediate introduction and coordination. Timanti is very popular and has a waiting list. But it is possible to start a preliminary phase to lower the threshold.”

Patio: this is the central part of Timanti, an open space where young people can move freely and meet each other. Here are also several corners to retreat to and there are various relaxation and play opportunities. The light-filled environment and the colorful artworks by Tramaine de Senna make this space extra attractive. Also notice the beautiful furniture made by the students of Richtpunt Eeklo, the result of a two-year project 'Building youth for young people'.

Quiet space: here the young person can isolate themselves from the group for a while to relax. This is a low-stimulus space.

Community: in the Monte and Camino community rooms, the young people come together in groups of maximum eight. It concerns young people who are stuck in a certain domain, which can be at home but also at school. In the living group, Timanti responds to the individual needs of these young people. This takes place in a homely atmosphere, in a place where they feel safe and can find peace. This is where the group activities take place: breakfast, baking, cooking, community meetings… It is also nice that these community areas have an immediate connection with the garden and nature.

Therapy room: here is room for non-verbal activities such as creativity, relaxation, music. What is created here tells something about the inner self of the young people and is at the same time a way to change the mind. The offer is wide, we let young people taste different things and see what works best for them. In this way we try to set something in motion that can lead to change. Timanti does make sure to keep moving outside: hippotherapy, shopping, walking, Mooimakers,...

Class: the Timanti youth are of compulsory school age and must therefore maintain contact with the school. We try to absorb the impact of an admission on a school trajectory as well as possible. We keep busy with school skills in a different way. As a team, we keep in touch with the schools.

Meeting room: having conversations with the young people is an essential part of the treatment. This is possible in the discussion rooms, where individual conversations but also family and parent conversations can take place. This is done in close collaboration with the other disciplines, the parents and the social services.

Sports hall: Timanti has a spacious sports hall, a very important place for young people. After all, exercise is essential, also for the connection between body and mind. Exercise also helps to learn to deal with tension and frustrations and it stimulates a sense of group. And above all: sports are just great fun.

Garden: the pavilion's location is ideal, close to the forest. A beautiful terrace has also been laid out on the south side of the building, which is a great added value. In addition, there are sponsor projects in the garden for the construction of a vegetable garden and for the construction of a swing, climbing frame, retreat huts, play elements in the context of aggression prevention. Just a fresh hooGetting fd is good anyway, not just for the residents of Timanti.


The official opening of Timanti offers AZ Alma the opportunity to introduce the PAAZ as well. PAAZ stands for Psychiatric Department in a General Hospital. AZ Alma has had such a department since the beginning of 2020, for which major renovation works were carried out. But as with Timanti, COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works for a presentation of this important service with 30 hospital beds.


The name Timanti refers to the Finnish word for 'diamond' (timantti) and was chosen deliberately because deep within each of us, there is a beautiful diamond. That diamond has always been there, from birth. It contains many valuables: talents, passion, energy, values, strength, interests, dreams… Over the years, we sometimes lose contact with that diamond. There is a layer of mud on it. And then we start to doubt. "Who am I? Am I really good at something? Am I doing well?” Our job as rescuers is to give you a little push to start finding and cherishing your diamond, without getting lost in or staring blind at that mud. A diamond represents strength. We therefore want to start from the strength of the young person and his or her context. In addition, a diamond also symbolizes perseverance, honesty, purity, cooperation and forgiveness.

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