Vansina, Wannes. “Kinder- en jeugdpsychiatrie verhuist naar nieuwbouw: ‘Voor elke vijf vrije plekjes zestig aanmeldingen.’” Het Laatste Nieuws, 16 June 2022. Accessed 16 June 2022.

NL to EN translation:

Opening of the new building of TheA (Therapeutic Atelier), the day unit for child and youth psychiatry of the AZ Sint-Maarten in Mechelen. With psychiatrist Danielle van de Merwe and Eleni Van Looy, head of TheA © David Legreve

“Child and adolescent psychiatry moves to new building: ‘Sixty registrations for every five free places’”

MECHELEN/DUFFELD The day unit for child and youth psychiatry at AZ Sint-Maarten moved from Duffel to Mechelen this week. The Therapeutic Atelier, TheA for short, was given a modern, new complex, but no additional places were created despite a major shortage in the region. “Sixty registrations for every five free spots,” says psychiatrist Danielle van de Merwe.

Wannes Vansina 16-06-22

AZ Sint-Maarten launched TheA in 2018 on the Rooienberg Campus after a circular letter from the then minister Vandeurzen to all healthcare facilities in Flanders. “He called for initiatives to be taken to be able to offer this much-needed psychiatric care”, general director Jan Ennekens outlines the history of the development.

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