Steverlynck, Sam. "Vijf opmerkelijke initiatieven tijdens Antwerp Art Weekend." Antwerp Art Weekend 2021, Een publicatie van HART. 13 - 16 May 2021, p. 18.


"Five remarkable initiatives during Antwerp Art Weekend"


Lisse Declercq and Tramaine de Senna are clearly also film buffs, based on what they have to offer for the Bernaerts house. They occupy the entrance and first floor of the auction house, housed in the former interwar cinema Cinema Tokyo, for their duo show "First Date" - effectively the first collaboration between the two artists. They play with the aesthetics of dinners and movies, the phantasmagoria of the Hollywood dream factory in a duet between reality and fantasy. Personal stories are presented in a flashy visual language that winks at popular culture and cinema. For example, Declercq's sweet paintings evoke the seductive visual language of advertising and cosmetics, while Senna translates through cultural-historical research into work that takes the most diverse forms.

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