"Cinema Tokyo krijgt artistiek vervolg." Gazet van Antwerpen, 11 May 2021, p. 17. 


"Cinema Tokyo will receive an artistic continuation"

Not widely known, but the core of the Bernaerts Auction House consists of the old Tokyo / Artis cinema in the Verlatstraat. Many beautiful Art Deco elements from the 1930s survived from that time. For Lisse Declercq and Tramaine de Senna, the cinema provided the ideal backdrop to set up a duo exhibition, which they dubbed "First date." The Kempen painter Lisse Declercq makes large, colorful paintings in which she portrays a false world, nourished by social media. Illusions and dreams are also a common thread in the oeuvre of Tramaine de Senna, a Californian who lives and works in Antwerp. In her textile and ceramic sculptures, she winks at pop art and the glittering world of Hollywood. The artists tackled the entire cinema, including the spacious staircase hall. With a clever mise-en-scène and lighting, they draw visitors into their seductive - and at the same time misleading - universe.

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