Kaufman, Andreas. "Der Barock aus neuer Sicht: Gastkuenstlerin Das ornamentale Schaffen von Tramaine de Senna." Solothurner Zeitung. 12 Aug. 2010: 19.


The Baroque from a New View: The ornamental work from guest artist Tramaine de Senna

For the coming months, guest artist Tramaine de Senna will be staying at the Alten Spital. She is inspired by the Baroque city for her work.

“I’m a Material Girl” sang Madonna in the 80s, which is also the decade that 29-year old artist Tramaine de Senna from California was born in. She is far from a “Material Girl,” only in the sense that she exposes, in her artistic activities, the attraction of materials again and again. “One can create their world with various materials, a false or real world.”

Over Light- and Material Worlds

Now she is stretching her feelers in the most beautiful Baroque city of Switzerland for a stay as a guest artist in what was once a hospital. Even this feature is a reason to stay: the ornamental and decor of the Baroque and Rococo are starting points for her artistic expressions. Without a doubt it will lend itself to inspire countless local impulses in order to create something completely of her own. Often her work process passes by in a surprising, often undreamt directions – bizarre to intimate. De Senna’s view of the world and her studies in Art and Architecture provide an added answer to why her work and ability is so broad: she is a seeker, which may nevertheless determine for each completed work she furthers her own search.

From a Butcher's Shop to made Decor

Thus brings to discussion decor of the human body, which is seen as the apparent steroid-dripping, muscle masses of the body. She sets a dynamic emphasis, by overlapping a sporty ritual in form with different training steps in overlapping images. In another work she transforms a sterile butcher’s shop into a self-made flourished and adhered art temple, coupled with a staged opening production musical, “Eine kleine Fleischmusik.”

De Senna’s works are unusual to look at, however, it therefore straighten and tightens the views. It is accessible for everyone, and does not let depth go unmissed. Thus she created, against the background of the economic crisis, from cardboard boxes, furnishing products. “Welcome to my Cardboard Home,” was inspired by the Japanese style, which seeks to find harmony in paper and wood materials: “I wanted to show that a person can literally make one’s own world in a time of crisis.”

Calorie Realms of Icing Plans

For her residence in Solothurn, Tramaine de Senna will focus on a certain topic: under the title “Frosting Paintings” which will be concerned, among other things, with ornamentation, laid out with a caulking gun onto various materials, such as onto fast food paper plates. Lustrous reliefs are to be reminiscent of calorie-rich, irresistible icing. Thus she follows her artist requirement, “Beauty of everyday life brought into art.” The beauty of the Baroque city allows for inspiration for Tramaine de Senna, that is in any case important.

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